Multicultural Marketing Survey Released

Friend and occasional correspondent, Dr. Felipe Korzenny announces: Multicultural Marketing Survey Released The latest report by the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, developed by the eminent authoring team of Doctors Felipe and Betty Ann Korzenny, has just been published. If you are marketing your products or services to Hispanic markets, I strongly urge you to …

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Immigrants Making Choices

From friend Martha E. Galindo of Galindo Publicidad (whose translation services are excellent). Immigrant communities in the United States have made choices that native communities do not have to make. Making these choices – to leave one’s native country and begin anew in a new land is wrenching and difficult. The immigrant uproots him or …

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Biedermeier style

The Biedermeier style, first popularized in the early 19th century, is making a comeback. See: The World of Biedermeier Its attributes of high gloss finish, classic lines, and beautiful woods first attracted the newly rich middle class of the Austro-Hungary empire. The style received new popularity during the Art Deco period of the mid-20th century. …

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