Educationally Focused


Language, Culture and History School

  • Geared to students of all ages and backgrounds, Business people, Educators and Government officials
  • A modern language laboratory with the focus on the practice of Pronunciation, Dialogues, Specific linguistic functions
  • Programs in various languages

Home for Dialog

Provide funding, facilities and expert staff to engage various groups in dialog

  • Encourage groups to work together toward mutual understanding and community improvement
  • Document efforts toward these ends

Visual and Performing Arts Center

  • A facility for performances and shows by artists of many media
  • A location for the showing of historical, contemporary, and modern films focused on global cultures.
  • A location to conduct cabaret, comedy, and musical performances.

Interactive Polonia Museum

  • Acting as an Interactive Center of Polonia Identity
  • Documenting the struggles, achievements, and personalities in and throughout Polonia
  • Maintaining hands-on, interactive displays that make Polonia come to life for the participant

Research Center

  • Provide funding, facilities and assistance to researchers studying global cultures.
  • Establish a trust for the creation and maintenance of a POLONIA ENCYCLOPEADIA
  • Advance scholarship among students at all levels (grade school through university)

Community Computing Facility

  • To act as a bridge for community members
  • To educate the community on computer use
  • Highlighting resources on the Web
  • Special focus on seniors