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Biedermeier style

The Biedermeier style, first popularized in the early 19th century, is making a comeback. See: The World of Biedermeier Its attributes of high gloss finish, classic lines, and beautiful woods first attracted the newly rich middle class of the Austro-Hungary … Continue reading

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A class of his own

Pianist Piotr Anderszewski does not like trying to pin down his own style. He is an artist who doesn’t fit neatly into categorization, who plays music that moves him, regardless of era or style. “Don’t try to define the indefinable,” … Continue reading

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Sculptors’ group irons out details of tomb task

MARBLE, Colorado — In a meeting that was part inspiration and part reality check, more than 30 sculptors, quarrymen and community leaders gathered at the Redstone Inn Wednesday night. Their goal? To start determining the costs, schedule and infrastructure needed … Continue reading

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Think Globally

Back in August I promised an update. What an update it’s been. PGF ended up serving over 63,600 unique visitors in 2002. What’s really amazing is that the average visitor spent over four (4) minutes on the site viewing almost … Continue reading

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