Think Globally

Back in August I promised an update. What an update it’s been.

PGF ended up serving over 63,600 unique visitors in 2002. What’s really amazing is that the average visitor spent over four (4) minutes on the site viewing almost 5 pages of data and information.

We’ve just completed our third major site redesign. I hope you enjoy it and find your way around easily. The intent of the redesign is to focus on our unique themes – our goals, mission and values. We want you to understand what we’re about. We also want to bring you all the information you need.

Now I should finish my thoughts from August…

I tend to hear the ‘think globally act locally’ cliché a little less than I used to. We obviously need local activities, charity, events, perspective. At the same time we need to think big. Dream the dream on a global scale. It is the seed for wholesale change in the way we interact as people, families, communities, and nations.

If there anything positive in the Columbia tragedy, it is what the crew represented. The Columbia’s crew represented all of us well. Their varied backgrounds, religions, skin color, and accents helped us in defining them as people. The marvelous dynamic was that they all worked together…without animosity or bitterness…in the pursuit of science and human relationship.

Yes, I think we need to be more like them. We need to retain the best of what is within each of our families, cultures, and heritage and to bring those attributes to the table locally, nationally and globally.