11/2002 – Bogusław Lustyk

Bogusław Lustyk

PGF honors Bogusław Lustyk for his work in the interpretive arts. As with previous honorees, we believe Mr. Lustyk’s work helps people understand and bridge their differences. In making his art an “expression of soul and spirituality”, as noted on his website (click here to visit), Mr. Lustyk evokes, through our eyes, a sense of harmony and movement, which takes us to a different reality. Because of Mr. Lustyk’s on-going work and accomplishments, as well as his worldwide appeal, we honor him.

Bogusław Lustyk was born in Poland in 1940. He developed a deep fascination with the equine form early in life. Since childhood, Lustyk diligently studied the structure and movement of the horse in countless portraits and compositions. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and graduated Suma Cum Laude in 1965.

The draw of Lustyk’s works lies in their boldness of color, their expression of movement and their all-out assault on the senses. This unique expression of soul and spirituality has brought him worldwide recognition. He has received over twenty awards in international poster competitions. His works have appeared in more than sixty exhibitions in Poland, France, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Australia and the United States.

Mr. Lustyk has developed a multi-talented and innovative repertoire reaching beyond equine limits and into other artistic horizons as a poster designer, graphic artist, and book illustrator.

Mr. Lustyk has served as the Artist in Residence at the Kentucky Horse Park in 1995-96. In 1997, he was selected as the official artist for the 124th running of the Kentucky Derby. He designed the posters, tickets and program covers for the Kentucky Derby and the Oaks. He has also served as the official artist of Virginia’s Gold Cup 2000. He currently owns a design studio and art gallery in Saratoga Springs, New York.

The following are examples of the commentary Mr. Lustyk’s works evoke:

Bogusław Lustyk’s paintings lead the viewer into his personal world. Emotions rule here, dictating both the structure of the creation and the experience of viewing it. The composition, dynamic structure, and poetry of the paintings blend to form a unique and personal language through which you see the soul of the artist. — William E. Cooke, Director, The International Museum of the Kentucky Horse Park

Perhaps the most provocative and certainly the most self-satisfying phase of Lustyk’s career has evolved from his own search for inner harmony. Out of this quest has been born a series of paintings of the human form. Inspired by the ballet, the figures portray facets of the human condition often mirrored in dance. — Brenda L. Coe, Freelance Writer, Lexington, KY

Harmony in his work is important to the artist. Every line, every stroke, every color is important to achieve Lustyk’s artistic goal of conveying emotion, movement and vitality. His art is live and ambitious. The artist’s creations are liberated from the dominance of the subject. With his paintings, the dynamics and the power of the subject are the real topics. Lustyk transforms the passion of human experience into art. Jay R. Ferguson, Director of Curatorial Services, Kentucky Derby Museum

Bogusław Lustyk – Selected Prizes and Awards

1964 3rd Prize
in the National Political Poster competition
1965 3rd Prize
in the Dress of Goods competition
  2nd Prize
in the Blood Donation National Competition
1967 1st Prize
in the Tourist Poster National Competition
  1st Prize
in the II Tourist Poster National Competition
1968 Distinction
in a competition for an Anti-Alcohol Campaign poster
  2nd Prize
in the Olympic Ideas Poster Competition
1969 3rd Prize
in the Miners Day Poster Competition
  3rd Prize
in the Nicholas Copernicus Poster Competition
Prize in the Polish Poster Biennial Exhibition
1970 1st, 2nd
and 3rd Prize in the Labor Safety Poster Competition
  2nd Prize
in the Foreign Trade Poster Competition
1971 Distinction
for The Best Warsaw Poster
  2nd Prize
in the Foreign Trade Poster Competition
1972 2nd and 3rd
Prizes in the Foreign Trade Poster Competitions
in the "Jozef Wybicki" Poster Competition
1973 Special
Prize at the Polish Poster Biennial Exhibition
at the Polish Poster Biennial Exhibition
  1st Prize
in the Foreign Trade Poster Competition

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  1. margaret bensel says:

    I have a signed poster of the Ballet figures that is on the Museum of Dance I think it was 2003 at a Saratoga Springs NY signed by Lustyk in person #38 of 200. What is the title of this painting and how much is it worth.

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