President Komorowski at the Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Welcomes Polish President
By Raymond Rolak

CLEVELAND — After a two hour extended meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington D.C., Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski flew to Cleveland to visit the Cleveland Clinic. He toured the health facility and inspected some of the research labs. The Polish-American physicians on staff presented the Polish President with his own Cleveland Clinic lab coat. President Komorowski also addressed staff at the world renowned hospital.

Komorowski was shown new high tech medical imaging equipment and briefed on electronic medical record keeping and protocol. Dr. Maria Siemionow, the surgeon who performed America’s first successful face transplant helped translate technical medical terms.

Komorowski toured a historic Polish-American neighborhood on Fleet Avenue and had dinner at the Polish-American Cultural Center on East 65th Street.

Eugene Bak, President of the PACC of Cleveland welcomed the Polish President to a hosted dinner. The President was gracious with a receiving line and countless pictures. Longtime volunteer Ben Stefanski was presented a medallion from the guest of honor.

When asked by a reporter about what President Obama said about the visa waiver question, Komorowski said, “President Obama indicted to me, this problem will be solved.”

(l to r) Przemyslaw Borek, MD., Jacek Cywinski , MD., President Komorowski, Tomasz Rogula, MD., Interpreter, Maria Siemionow, MD., and Stephan Ellis, MD., at the Cleveland Clinic.