Last minute Christmas gifts

A Good Read, a Great Gift
Submitted by Raymond Rolak

A last minute gift idea is, 303 Squadron: The Legendary Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron. The book by Arkady Fiedler was originally printed in England in 1942. The new translation is by Jarek Garliński and presented by Aquila Polonica Publishing.

In the summer of 1940, during the Nazi occupation of most of Europe, Great Britain stood alone. 303 Squadron is the eyewitness story of the celebrated Polish fighter pilots that flew for the RAF and helped save England during its most desperate hours.

The book contains over 200 photos, maps and illustrations. The accounts of the aerial dog fights are riveting and the “Battle of Britain” is placed in its correct historical context. These aviators helped turn the tide of World War II. D-Day was the beginning of the reclaiming of Europe. It was the victory during the air “Battle of Britain” that signified that victory for the Allies could be achieved.

As Winston Churchill said 70 years ago, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”.

Also known as the Kościuszko Squadron the 303 was one of 16 Polish squadrons flying in England. It was the highest scoring squadron in the RAF during the “Battle of Britain”. Aviation buffs will marvel at the performance details given about the British Hurricanes, Spitfires and American Mustangs that the 303 flew. The book contains highlights to keep any historical enthusiast thoroughly entertained.