Poles have 2nd highest IQ in Europe

From UPI:

Germans, Dutch brainiest, French not

BELFAST, Ireland, March 27 (UPI) — A University of Ulster study indicates the Germans and Dutch are the smartest Europeans while France ranks near the bottom.

In France, the average intelligence score was 94, comparable to Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Serbia, while Germany and the Netherlands posted a brainy 107.

The study found the average intelligence score in the British Isles was, well, average — 100 — tying with Norway for eighth place, Sky News reported. Scots averaged a 97 while the English averaged 102, the Scotsman reported.

Professor Richard Lynn, who conducted the study, explained the lower Scots’ scores to the tendency of smarter Scots to migrate to England, New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Canada.

Elsewhere, Poland’s IQ averaged 106; Sweden, 104; Italy, 102; Austria and Switzerland, 101; and Spain, 98.

Lynn said people in urban areas posted higher scores than those in rural areas. Last year, Lynn said his research showed men have higher IQs than women, averaging 5 points better.

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  1. Lynn should be discredited-based on his predictions. he predicted the eminence of Japan, which fell flat. His IQ meausrements are dubious to say the least- read wikipedia. He seemed to be driven by bias rather than any objectivity.

    His works are simplistic rather than deep. Instead he has been conferred Emeritus status. Joke

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