06/2004 – Stanford Ovshinsky

Stanford Ovshinsky

PGF Honors Stanford Ovshinsky, inventor and scientist, founder, CEO and Chief Technology Officer of ECD Ovonics as its person of the month for June 2004.

Mr. Ovshinsky, the son of a Lithuanian-born scrap-metal dealer, started his working career as the owner of a machine shop. Showing the drive, determination, inventiveness, and vision for which we are honoring him, Mr. Ovshinsky soon founded a new field of physics based on amorphous and disordered materials. In 1960 he founded Energy Conversion Devices which today as ECD Ovonics, holds over 350 U.S. and 800 foreign patents for products, processes and technologies. In recent years he has championed the cause of car batteries used to power electric automobiles. Mr. Ovshinsky’s patented battery powered the 1999 model of General Motors’ EV-1 the first domestically produced electric car marketed in the United States. PGF looks to examples like Mr. Ovshinsky and their ability to dynamically lead for the future while teaching the basic lessons of hard work and perseverance to their contemporaries as well as the next generation

Besides being the founder, President, and the Chief Technology Officer of ECD since its inception in 1960. Mr. Ovshinsky is the primary inventor of ECD’s technologies. He also serves as the chief executive officer and a director of Ovonic Battery Company, Inc. (Ovonic Battery); chief executive officer and chairman of United Solar Ovonic Corp.; president and member of the Management Committee of Texaco Ovonic Hydrogen Systems LLC; member of the Management Committee of Texaco Ovonic Battery Systems LLC; chairman and director of Ovonyx, Inc. (Ovonyx); member of the Alliance Board of Ovonic Media, LLC; and co-chairman of the Board of Directors of Sovlux Co., Ltd. (Sovlux). Mr. Ovshinsky’s has also established the Stanford R. Ovshinsky Award for Excellence in Non-Crystalline Chalcogenides in 2001.

ECD Ovonics Company Profile:

ECD Ovonics has maintained a strong core competence in materials research and advanced product development throughout its forty-plus year history, and the company protects the results of these efforts through an extensive patent collection. Through the leadership of our company’s principal scientist, Stan Ovshinsky, ECD Ovonics now holds more than 350 U.S. patents and more than 800 foreign patents covering basic material compositions, product applications, and manufacturing processes. These patents, coupled with more than forty years of accumulated background know-how in the field, represent powerful intellectual assets that form the basis for ECD Ovonics’ many licensing agreements and manufacturing and commercialization alliances. The research and development team at ECD Ovonics, its subsidiaries, and joint ventures are focused on the development of new products and technology that will benefit our commercial partners. At ECD Ovonics, we invent the technology, the products, and production technology that will bring our vision to life.

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