09/2002 – Doctors Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski

Dr. Judith Sherven and Dr. Jim Sniechowski

PGF honors Dr. Judith Sherven and Dr. Jim Sniechowski for their work in helping people understand and bridge interpersonal differences. This work does in microcosm what PGF works to accomplish on a global scale. PGF believes that their work helps people build understanding on an interpersonal level. Once learned, we carry that spirit and those skills into the community at large. We honor this special couple for promoting the strength in relationships that comes from differences and how those differences can work for us in building intimacy.

Dr. Sherven’s and Dr. Sniechowski’s website is dedicated to “The Magic of Differences”. A quote included on the site states “This site is dedicated to the Magic in the Differences between men and women… And it can be yours!!”

Dr. Sherven and Dr. Sniechowski have written three books about relationships, a syndicated column, and host an e-zine, radio show, and seminars about love and relationships. Dr. Sherven is a clinical psychologist and Dr. Sniechowski holds a doctorate in Human Behavior. The couple has appeared all over the media -including shows like Oprah, 48 Hours, and Entertainment Tonight.

Their books include “Opening to Love 365 Days a Year”, “The New Intimacy: Discovering the Magic at the Heart of Your Differences.”, and “Be Loved for Who You Really Are”. Their books are available on-line at Amazon.

They have lectured for The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studio Tours, Unocal 76, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Marshfield Cancer Center, and The United Nations. Among the publications they write for are or have been interviewed by are the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, London Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal, Redbook, Essence, Glamour, First For Women, Black Elegance, Modern Bride, Parents’ Magazine, Black Men, Belle, and Family Circle. They also provide regular columns for Today’s Black Woman and The Looking Glass magazines.

More information about their work is available at their website. Click here to visit.

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