08/2002 – Roni Ziemba

Roni Ziemba

PGF honors Roni Ziemba as our person of the month for August 2002. Ms. Ziemba came to our attention through her Mustang Odyssey venture, a project to raise awareness of and support for the threatened wild mustang and burro herds in the American west. What intrigued us was the depth of Ms. Ziemba’s commitment to community service both in the United States and internationally.

We cannot help but honor an individual who’s work covers abroad range of good a person can do. Ms. Ziemba’s commitment couples the physical, intellectual and spiritual in service to every strata of society. Her work touches children and adults; the local, national and international; human rights, animal rights, healthcare, the environment, the poor, the imprisoned and those whose freedoms and rights are threatened.

Professionally, Ms. Ziemba’s work includes freelance writing and photography for clients such as Virgin Records, Venice Magazine, and Planet Hollywood. She has photographed celebrities, album covers as well as cultural and adventure experiences.

In a previous career, Ms. Ziemba founded Mentor 2000, Inc., designing and producing events internationally. In this capacity she lectured nationally in the areas of human potential and personal development with an emphasis on health, human rights and the environment. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Chiropractic Basic Science Research Foundation and as Vice President of Renaissance International, where she conducted lectures and training on communications and personal breakthrough technologies.

Ms. Ziemba was also a Media Assistant for the United States Agency for International Development; Manila, Philippines while still in high school.

Ms. Ziemba’s community service work includes:

“…for the Women and Children of Bosnia” as Los Angeles coordinator for a series of benefit events under the auspices of, and working directly with, the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, H.E. Mr. Stoyan Ganev, which brought blankets and food to thousands of women and children during the war in former Yugoslavia.

Peace Wave ’90 as one of only 27 American delegates sponsored by the Japanese government who traveled to Baghdad only weeks before the Gulf War to assist in securing the release of 42 Japanese hostages in Iraq. Participated in an international music program while in Baghdad to promote cultural unity.

Dead Man Walking “The Concert” as event photographer for the Los Angeles event hosted by actor Tim Robbins and Sister Helen Prejean. Ms. Ziemba’s work there was the result of years of her work as an abolitionist. The concert benefited Murder Victim Families for Reconciliation and featured prominent performers including Eddie Vedder and Bonnie Raitt.

First U.S. Environmental Film Festival as Director of Judging. The judging panel awarded documentarian Sam LaBudde first prize for his undercover filming of the tuna fishing industry. The publicity LaBudde received from his award created pressure on the industry and as a result tuna fishing industry was mandated to become dolphin safe.

Amnesty International as member, activist and event producer for many years her accomplishments included producing the Annual General Meeting plenaries attended by over 5,000 participants, dignitaries and press. Among the events produced was a duet between Joan Baez and Jackson Browne and a speech by Cesar Chavez.

Perigrination as a participant and photographer for the United Farm Workers Union 14 day march to the California State Capitol in memory of the late Cesar Chavez. Attending dignitaries included Senator Tom Hayden and Representative Joseph Kennedy.

Prison Possibilities, as Team Leader coordinating volunteer groups, a national organization dedicated to the transformation of the United States prison system to reflect more humane attitudes and reduce the problem of recidivism. Worked directly with inmates in prisons such as San Quentin and Buena Vista Correctional Facility.

Welcome Back, a nationally recognized program Ms. Ziemba created while attending junior high school, working directly with returning Vietnam POW’s to assist them in reuniting positively with their children back home.

Valley Big Brothers Big Sisters as a volunteer Big Sister many years, as non-paid staff photographer and produced multiple events for the volunteers and kids.

Bijou Street Soup Kitchen as weekly kitchen assistant making meals for the homeless in Colorado Springs.

Visit Ms. Ziemba’s website by clicking here… or here…

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