07/2002 – Anna Czerwinska

Anna Czerwinska

PGF honors Anna Czerwinska as its person of the month for July 2002. Ms. Czerwinska is a Doctor of Pharmacology who left medical science for the mountains. She has been climbing for 33 years now and until May 16, 2002 held the distinction of being the oldest woman to reach the summit of Everest (Ms. Tamae Watanabe, a 63 year old office worker from Japan now holds the record). Ms. Czerwinska has climbed the eight tallest peaks in the world.

Mountain  Feet Meters Location  Year Achieved
Everest  29,029  8,848 Nepal/Tibet 1000
Carstensz Pyramid  16,023  4,884 Indonesia (Oceania's highest mountain) 1999
Vinson Massif  16,067  4,897 Ellsworth Range Antarctica 1998
Elbrus  18,481  5,633 Russia Europe 1996
Mount Kosciuszko  7,310  2,228 Australia 1996
Denali (Mount McKinley)  20,320  6,195 Alaska North America 1996
Aconcagua  22,815  6,962 Argentina South America 1995
Kilimanjaro  19,339  5,963 Tanzania Africa 1995

Ms. Czerwinska is also a business person who owns handicraft shops in Warsaw, Poland.

We salute Ms. Czerwinska’s strength, determination and success. In touching the tallest peaks in the world, she has touched many cultures and peoples. PGF, like Ms. Czerwinska works to touch people globally by encouraging mutuality and understanding.

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