06/2002 – Adam Kolawa

Adam Kolawa

The PGF person-of-the-month for June 2002 is Adam Kolawa. Mr., Kolawa represents, for us, a picture of the ideal Polonian. An émigré to the United States, Mr. Kolawa earned a PhD and helped to found a major technology company, Parasoft. He is at the forefront of developing new technologies to deliver software that works. He has created business and job opportunities in countries around the world, including Poland. As his biography re-printed below indicates, Mr. Kolawa has the ability to foresee trends well in advance.

We honor him for both his accomplishments and for what he will do in the future. We at PGF identify with his foresight. We believe that individuals with positive knowledge and vision make a positive global impact.

Adam Kolawa, Parasoft co-founder and CEO, came to the United States from Poland in 1983 to pursue his Ph.D. In 1987, he and a group of fellow graduate students founded Parasoft to create value-added products that could significantly improve the software development process.

Kolawa’s years of experience with various software development processes has resulted in his unique insight into the high-tech industry and the uncanny ability to successfully identify technology trends. As a result, he has orchestrated the development of several successful commercial software products to meet growing industry needs to improve software quality – often before the trends have been widely accepted. Kolawa has been granted seven patents for the technologies behind these innovative tools.

Kolawa, co-author of Bulletproofing Web Applications (Hungry Minds 2001), has contributed to and written commentary pieces and technical articles for various leading publications such as Software Development, Java Report and SD Times. Additionally he has presented on software quality, trends and development issues at various industry conferences. Kolawa holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the California Institute of Technology. In 2001, Kolawa was awarded the Los Angeles Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the software category.

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