03/2002 – Dan Tyminski

Dan Tyminski

PGF Honors Country Music Award and 2002 Grammy Award winner Dan Tyminski. Mr. Tyminski has become a power in the bluegrass and traditional country music genre. His music has an ethos that takes you to places you had forgotten. The music of family and tradition. The music of home. It tells the story of the traveler, the poor and those longing for what they have missed. Mr. Tyminski is part of the resurgence of bluegrass music. As with PGF, he brings something unique, this American style of music, to the world. We wish him success in his journey.

An excerpt from Mr. Tyminski’s Bio:

Dan Tyminski just may be the closest thing bluegrass music has to a Renaissance man. A mandolin player, a guitarist, a recording engineer and producer and a vocalist who can switch from delicate harmonies to fiery, hard-edged leads at the drop of a hat, he’s spent the decade in two of the music’s most prominent ensembles ? the Lonesome River Band and Alison Krauss’s Union Station. Now, the talented young musician is stepping out front in all of those roles with one of the most eagerly-awaited solo albums in many years.

Born in Rutland, Vermont in 1967, Dan’s remarkable accomplishments have been achieved while working in just three bands. Introduced to bluegrass and vintage country music by his parents, he began playing his older brother Stan’s mandolin before joining the latter’s Green Mountain Bluegrass as a banjo player while still in his mid-teens. With a busy schedule of appearances in Northeast and along the East Coast, Green Mountain Bluegrass quickly became a full-time career (and musical school) for Tyminski.

In short, Dan is a performer at the very top of his profession, thanks to abundant talent, steady creativity and a personality that’s as outgoing and friendly off stage as on. Already held in high esteem by his peers in both country and bluegrass music, his debut solo album for Doobie Shea Records will give new listeners the opportunity to hear for themselves the extraordinary range of musical interests and abilities of bluegrass’s Renaissance man, Dan Tyminski.

For more information, click here to visit the Dan Tyminski Website.

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