09/2001 – Robert Strybel

September 2001

We honor Robert Strybel, author and correspondent. Mr. Strybel’s work focuses on bringing Polish heritage alive for his readers. Whether covering current events in Warsaw for the Reuter’s Agency or penning a book on Polish Cooking, we have been continually impressed by his dedication to Polish and Polonian issues. He present’s a balanced view of Poland and its place in the world with journalistic integrity.

Currently, Mr. Strybel is working on a follow-up to his previous book called Polish Holiday Cookery & Customs. Mr. Strybel states, It will kick things up a notch by dealing with traditions and how to cultivate and re-enact them in a Polish-American setting.

In discussing one of Mr. Stybel’s major works, Polish Heritage Cookery and specifically the chapter on coffee Mr. Strybel commented, Since 1993 (when Polish Heritage Cookery was first published), America has discovered what coffee is all about, but it was largely thanks to our Italo-American brethren who introduced America to espresso, cappucino and caffe latte. Yet a Pole set up Europe’s first cafe in the 17th century and in the 19th Mickiewicz sang the praises of coffee in his super-epic Pan Tadeusz

Mr. Strybel was born in Hamtramck, MI. He received an MA in Polish from the University of Wisconsin. He taught Polish at Orchard Lake and Bay City, MI (high school, college and adult education). He has translated many Polish books into English. He has been the Warsaw correspondent over the years for many Polonian newspapers. Since 1980 he has worked at Reuters News Agency. He reports on Polish current events and has popularized Polish culture and lifestyles, food, root-searching, visiting Poland and pen-pal programs.

In response to his selection as our Polonian of the Month for September, Mr. Strybel made the following comment, that summarizes, for us, the reason he is being honored My overriding aim has been to ‘GET MY FELLOW POL-AMS HOOKED ON THEIR HEIRTAGE’.

Mr. Strybel’s works are available through most major bookstores as well as on the Internet at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Hippocrene Books.

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