The Way Back – now in theaters

The Way Back” just opened last Friday across the United States. The film, directed by award-wining director Peter Weir, is loosely based on the book called “The Long Walk” about a Polish Army officer who escapes from a Soviet camp in Siberia during WWII with a group of prisoners. Those who survive the journey end up making their way to freedom through the dessert and the Himalayas.

The film Stars Colin Ferrell, Jim Sturgess and Ed Harris.

This is the first widely distributed film that shows the Polish WWII story from the side of the Soviet occupation and persecution. Those of you who are familiar with the Kresy-Siberia Group, will be pleased to know that they advised Peter Weir in the making of the film.

Anne Applebaum, a Washington Post Reporter who recently wrote the book “Gulag”, and is married to Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Radek Sikorski, wrote in her review of the film: “…The Way Back” is a unique and groundbreaking film: It represents Hollywood’s first attempt to portray the Soviet Gulag, in meticulously researched detail.” Another review can be found here, and two in Polish here and here.

In the Buffalo, NY area, the film is being shown in Regal Cinemas (Galleria, Orchard Park, Williamsville and Elmwood).