Polish Artist Alicja Cetnarowski exhibits in New York

Reflection - Bronze by Alicja Cetnarowski

Alicja Cetnarowski creates her one-of-a-kind bronze sculptures through a process based on the lost wax technique. Born in Poland and educated at the University of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Cetnarowski has developed a fascination for the interaction between the soft contours of the human body and the irregular, often abrasive textures of the natural world. “The human body is the most beautiful and inspiring object for sculpture,” Cetnarowski declares. Her figures are presented without an environment; instead they are an extension of it. A torso folds and splits, an arm is transformed into a craggy outcropping of slate, hair cascades down like a rolling brook. The color of the metals that she uses, especially bronze, further asserts the connection with her terrestrial muses. Cetnarowski’s sculpture evokes a sense of serenity and a longing for a realization of a more natural existence. Cetnarowski lives and works in Canada.

Alicja Cetnarowski’s bronze sculptures will be on display from January 2 to January 23 in Beyond Borders: Exhibition of Fine Art from Canada, Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York. The reception takes place on Thursday, January 4, 6-8 PM. Please visit the Alicja Cetnarowski page at the Gallery for more information.