Holistic and complimentary healthcare platform

The PGF offers a platform of service focused on holistic and complimentary healthcare.

Complementary health modalities can contribute to a generally healthy lifestyle and may assist in the healing and recovery process. They are not intended to replace regular medical practices, rather, as the the name implies, they compliment it.

From the beginning of recorded history to the present there have been well over 2,000 health care methodologies recorded. Western medicine is probably the newest of the health care disciplines on the planet. It may also be the first and only form of healing limited solely to practices and procedures that are scientifically proven or provable.

As Western medical science has progressed, it has begun to incorporate and accept the idea that treating the whole person plays a valuable role in the prevention of and recovery from disease.

We are all aware of the role proper nutrition and exercise plays in our wellbeing. In addition to these general concepts, medical science and health insurers have begun to embrace modalities that compliment and support traditional medicine such as acupressure, acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic, vitamin therapy and nutritional supplements, osteopathy, shiatsu, therapeutic touch and yoga.

PGF has entered into a partnership with the Continental Spa in Krynica Poland to provide ten day and two week complimentary health services to you.

It’s your health, and there are choices… We sincerely hope that those desiring information on holistic and complimentary therapies are able to gather some of it here and that it proves to be worthwhile. After all, that is our goal!