Armia Krajowa – Polish Resistance in WW II

Did you know that the largest underground resistance army during World War II was the Polish Home Army?

The Home Army, 300,000 strong at its peak, is credited with supplying the Allies with constant intelligence information from the eastern front, providing information about the V-1 rocket in Peenemunde, secretly sending Britain a V-2 rocket, the sabotage and destruction of German supply trains and communication centers, providing Allies with reports on Nazi atrocities against the Jews, including first hand reports of the Holocaust, and providing armed assistance to Jewish fighters through its Zegota arm.

The Home Army carried out the war’s largest uprising (the Warsaw Uprising) which lasted 63 days. The German punishment for this effort was the total destruction of the city of Warsaw. After Soviet occupation these brave fighters, men and women, were hounded, often killed, or deported to Siberia.

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