Spa Price Comparisons

Spa Nights Price in U.S. Dollars Single or Double Rooms Food and Meals Medical staff consultation Escort or Guide Spa Services Included
Continental, Krynica, Poland 10 $1,946 Yes X X X X1
Green Valley Spa, St. George, Utah 7 4,725 Yes X2
Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne, Miami, Florida 10 5,980 Yes X3
Canyon Ranch, Lenox, Massachusetts 6 7,6504 Yes X X X X4
Rancho La Puerta , Tecate, Baja California, Mexico 7 2,470 Yes X X X
Brenner's Park Hotel and Spa, Baden Baden, Germany 10 4,5005 Yes X X
Grand Hotel Terme Trieste & Victoria, 14 2,730 Yes X X6 X

1 Three treatments per day are included.
2 50 minutes or up to $85 per day in spa services.
3 Key Biscayne Spa Splendor Package.
4 "Ultraprevention" Package, prices are approximate, medical package is $4,450 plus 6 nights accommodations fees.
5 Prices approximate, original prices are in €, exchange rate varies.
6 Available for an additional fee.

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