Four Cultures Festival in Łódź Unites Artists from Poland, Germany, Israel and Russia

A festival entitled Dialogue of Four Cultures is currently taking place in the Polish city of Łódź. The four cultures in question are Polish, Russian, Jewish and German. According to Polish public television, the festival’s purpose is to bring together all the unique features of different forms of art and cultural traditions, and to remind people that Łódź evolved in a mix of Polish, Jewish, German and Russian cultures.

Matsei Domanski, the artistic director of the festival, explained that the programme includes 70 performances of operas, ballets and plays, a film festival, exhibitions, and concerts. Among the highlights of the programme are the A Master’s Trophies. The Awards of Andzhei Vaida exhibition, a jazz concert by the Polish Jarek Smetana Trio, a Polish performance of The Fiddler on the Roof, The Russian Hamlet by the Russian Boris Eifman Ballet, and a performance of Claustrophobia by St. Petersburg’s Maly Drama Theatre.

The festival ends on October 6.